Human Performance Solutions for Safety-Critical and High-Pressure Industries

Training and coaching teams beyond technical expertise in complex, demanding environments

Your Challenge

You're a technical organisation or leader in a high-pressure, safety-critical, or high-tech industry.

You're striving for excellence, but something's holding you back.

Despite having technically competent teams, you're struggling with crucial 'human' elements:

  • Ineffective communication leading to misunderstandings and errors

  • Poor teamwork hindering project completion and innovation

  • Underdeveloped leadership skills resulting in micromanagement and low morale

  • Inadequate decision-making and problem-solving causing missed deadlines and opportunities

Your Path to Success

Imagine instead your organisation operating with the precision and effectiveness of a space mission.

Our clients experience:

  • Enhanced team cohesion and employee satisfaction

  • More confident and effective leaders

  • Increased innovation and problem-solving capabilities

  • Reduction in human error and safety incidents

  • Improved adaptability to high-pressure situations and rapid change

our services

Human Factors and Performance Training

Comprehensive programmes that optimise how your team interacts with systems, processes, and each other, enhancing efficiency and safety in complex environments.

Leadership and Team Development Programmes

Tailored workshops and courses that transform technically proficient individuals into high-performing leaders and cohesive teams capable of excelling in high-pressure situations.

One-to-One Executive Coaching

Personalised coaching for leaders in high-stakes industries, focusing on decision-making, communication, and performance optimisation to drive organisational success.

Keynote Speaking

Engaging presentations that bring elite-level human performance insights to your organisation, inspiring teams to reach new heights in their professional endeavours.

Leadership, Decision-Making and Human Error in High Pressure Environments.

Based on ESA Astronaut Training and the NASA Apollo Programme.

In collaboration with The Space Vault.

Clients love our training

Hear from our happy clients who kindly shared their feedback.

Susan is a great communicator; she is good at engaging an audience and catering to their needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The session was very interactive and allowed us to share our experiences and learn from each other. I would strongly recommend the workshop!

Dr Mamatha Maheshwarappa

Payload Systems Lead, UK Space Agency

Susan was a consummate professional and responded to our enquiry to speak at short notice with enthusiasm and poise. She delivered an engaging talk which gave the audience great insights into an aspect of the space sector which is often overlooked – the human factor as part of the space supply chain. Susan’s experience and her current work with ESA’s astronauts made for a thought-provoking talk which drew on our everyday experiences whilst at the same time taking us, as listeners, into this other fascinating realm of high-performance decision-making and delivery.

Ann Swift

Space Sector Development Manager, The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Working with Susie has been a breath of fresh air! When you are striving for excellence you need Susie to come and pave the final step. She showed us that everything we needed we already had, we just weren’t applying it right.

Freddie Gibbs

Designer and Studio Manager, Nicholsons

Susie led a great series of training sessions, which were different in style to anything we have previously experienced. Her coaching style extracted the content from the group, rather than feeding to the group. It has been far more effective in terms of buy in and follow up. Exciting to take this forward! Thank you!

Sam Gibson

Director of Operations, Nicholsons

The training sessions were engaging and well structured. Through several processes we learned a lot about our own roles and personality and how others perceive us. This has led to a better awareness of other departments and given us tools to approach the issues that are affecting performance – Thanks Susie!

Richard Holt

Senior Contracts Manager, Nicholsons

The clarity with which ideas were introduced and explained meant that the ‘real world’ application of them was much more straightforward. Susan facilitated productive and open discussions on a wide range of issues that were both revealing and rewarding.

Simon Howells

Head of English

Your Step-by-Step Success Plan

How to work with us:

1. Free Consultation Call: Discuss your organisation's unique challenges and goals. We'll identify key areas for potential improvement.

2. Customised Assessment: Receive a tailored proposal outlining specific strategies to address your needs, at no cost to you.

3. Targeted Training Programme: Engage in focused sessions designed to enhance leadership, teamwork, communication, and decision-making. To suit your schedule and budget.

Transform Your Organisation: From Challenges to Triumphs

You're a leader in a high-stakes industry, where every decision can have far-reaching consequences. Your team is technically brilliant, but something's not quite clicking.

Despite your best efforts, you're facing communication breakdowns, near-misses in safety protocols, and a nagging feeling that your team's potential remains untapped.

You've tried traditional leadership training, but it doesn't quite address the unique challenges of your high-pressure environment.

This is where our journey together begins. Imagine transforming your team into a cohesive unit that operates with the precision of an astronaut crew.

By applying human performance strategies refined in extreme environments, from spacecraft to Antarctic expeditions, we'll elevate your organisation to new heights.

Picture your leaders making confident decisions, your safety records improving, and your projects consistently hitting the mark. You'll develop the resilience and effectiveness of a seasoned mission crew, ready to tackle any challenge your industry presents.

You'll not only overcome the challenges you're facing now but also build a resilient, high-performing culture that thrives under pressure. Your organisation will become a beacon of excellence in your industry, setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and innovation.

The outcome? A transformative journey that elevates your entire organisation. You'll be at the forefront of this positive change, equipped with insights and strategies that go beyond conventional leadership wisdom. Together, we'll create a legacy of excellence, setting new standards in your industry for performance, safety, and innovation.

Are you ready to lead your organisation to new heights of performance and safety? Let's have a conversation about how we can tailor these strategies to your unique challenges.

Book your free consultation call today, and take the first step towards transforming your team into an unstoppable force in your industry.

Susan Charlesworth

Bringing Expertise from Extreme Environments

With over a decade of experience optimising human performance in the most challenging environments, I bring a unique perspective to high-stakes industries.

For five years, I had the privilege of teaching Human Behaviour and Performance skills at the European Astronaut Centre. There, I trained astronauts from Europe and China, preparing them for the extraordinary challenges of space exploration. I also worked with the European Space Agency's Mission Control, ensuring ground crews were equipped to handle the complexities of space missions.

My expertise extends beyond space. I've trained explorers enduring twelve-month missions in Antarctica, giving me invaluable insights into human performance under extreme conditions. In 2023, I had the honour of training ESA's newest Astronaut Corps in Human Factors, contributing to their Basic Training and readiness for space exploration.

Today, I bring these unique experiences and insights to a wide range of high-stakes industries. Whatever industry you're in where human performance is critical, I can help your team optimise their capabilities, enhance safety, and excel in challenging situations.

My approach combines cutting-edge insights from extreme environments with practical strategies for earthbound challenges. I don't just teach theory; I provide actionable techniques tested in situations where the stakes couldn't be higher.

As a qualified Personal Performance Coach and accredited DISC Personality Profiler, I specialise in honing the skills that drive excellence in complex, high-pressure industries. Together, we can transform your team's performance, forging a resilient, high-performing culture that sets new standards in your industry.

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