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We deliver world class training in Human Behaviour and Performance and Human Factors to individuals and businesses who need to optimise their performance to tackle the toughest challenges.

We deliver world class training in Human Performance to individuals and businesses who need to optimise their products and performance to tackle the toughest challenges. We have worked with Astronauts, Mission Control, and Antarctic Explorers.

We give technical companies the biggest advantage to successfully lead their teams to complete ambitious projects on time, to the highest standard, whilst bringing their team along with them. 

Your organisation’s leaders are technically competent. They’ve spent years gaining qualifications, building their skill set, they’re experienced and knowledgeable. BUT, they are struggling with the ‘people skills’ required for a leadership role. They need help with more effective communication, they need to build and support a great team, they need the confidence to make good decisions, and problem solve effectively.

Without these skills from your leader, their team are struggling to manage their work and projects. Standards start to slip, deadlines come and go… The leaders in your organisation might step in to help, only to micromanage and take away the autonomy and creativity of their team members. This leads to frustrations, stress, burnout. You’ve looked at ‘time management’ solutions, but they haven’t worked.

We can help. We’ve got the experience and skills to bring the ‘human’ element to your organisation, the ‘soft skills’ that are actually hard to master. We can support your leaders and their team with the ‘non-technical’ side of their roles, so that everyone benefits. A happier, more productive, more profitable organisation

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Susan Charlesworth

Susan is an expert in human performance and leadership development. She is the Director of Charlesworth Human Performance Ltd., a specialised coaching and training company dedicated to safety-critical, technical industries.

A specialist in Technical Sectors

Susan has over a decade of experience practicing psychology in technical sectors. She spent five years teaching Human Behaviour and Performance skills at the European Astronaut Centre, training astronauts from Europe and China, the European Space Agency’s Mission Control, and explorers enduring twelve-month missions in Antarctica. In 2023 she trained ESA’s newest Astronaut Corps in Human Factors, contributing to their Basic Training and ensuring their readiness for the extraordinary challenges of space exploration.

Academic Achievements and Professional Credentials

Susan holds a BSc in Experimental Psychology and an MSc in Human Factors and Safety in Aeronautics from Cranfield University. She is a qualified Personal Performance Coach and an accredited DISC Personality Profiler, enhancing her abilities to support and guide individuals and teams toward peak performance.

Discover Your Potential with Susan’s Expertise

Whether it’s preparing astronauts for space exploration or enabling leaders to excel in safety-critical industries, Susan is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations unlock their full potential. With her knowledge, passion, and commitment to human performance, Susan continues to make a lasting impact on those she works with, guiding them toward unprecedented achievements.

Clients love our training

Hear from our happy clients who kindly shared their feedback.

Susan is a great communicator; she is good at engaging an audience and catering to their needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The session was very interactive and allowed us to share our experiences and learn from each other. I would strongly recommend the workshop!

Dr Mamatha Maheshwarappa

Payload Systems Lead, UK Space Agency

Susie led a great series of training sessions, which were different in style to anything we have previously experienced. Her coaching style extracted the content from the group, rather than feeding to the group. It has been far more effective in terms of buy in and follow up. Exciting to take this forward! Thank you!

Sam Gibson

Director of Operations, Nicholsons

Working with Susan was invaluable. I gained really deep insights into what was holding me back. Thank you so much for your help!

Hannah Galliers

Finance Manager, IT Services

Susan was a consummate professional and responded to our enquiry to speak at short notice with enthusiasm and poise. She delivered an engaging talk which gave the audience great insights into an aspect of the space sector which is often overlooked – the human factor as part of the space supply chain. Susan’s experience and her current work with ESA’s astronauts made for a thought-provoking talk which drew on our everyday experiences whilst at the same time taking us, as listeners, into this other fascinating realm of high-performance decision-making and delivery.

Ann Swift

Space Sector Development Manager, The Manufacturing Technology Centre

The training sessions were engaging and well structured. Through several processes we learned a lot about our own roles and personality and how others perceive us. This has led to a better awareness of other departments and given us tools to approach the issues that are affecting performance – Thanks Susie!

Richard Holt

Senior Contracts Manager, Nicholsons

The clarity with which ideas were introduced and explained meant that the ‘real world’ application of them was much more straightforward. Susan facilitated productive and open discussions on a wide range of issues that were both revealing and rewarding.

Simon Howells

Head of English

Working with Susie has been a breath of fresh air! When you are striving for excellence you need Susie to come and pave the final step. She showed us that everything we needed we already had, we just weren’t applying it right.

Freddie Gibbs

Designer and Studio Manager, Nicholsons

Susan was brilliant at encouraging me to challenge myself. I had some great breakthrough moments. She encouraged me to believe in my own thoughts and feelings, finding strengths that I didn’t really believe I had.

Sarah Wilson

Director of Communications, Global Swiss Jewellery Group

Susan provided very useful and engaging sessions to my co-workers and I on building a team of excellence. She is a very good lead with good presenting skills and lots of ideas on how we can all improve and help us develop out teams for the best.

Harry Rickard

Senior Contracts Manager, Nicholsons

I recommend the workshop on Hybrid Working organised by Susan, as it provided useful insight about the wider picture of what level of hybrid working people are facing and what could potentially be improved within organisations. With her great facilitation skills, Susan steered the conversation while interacting with the group sharing experiences. I enjoyed participating in this session.

Coraline Halibut

Thermal Engineer, RAL Space

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