Susan Charlesworth

Susan is an expert in human performance and leadership development. She is the Director of Charlesworth Human Performance Ltd., a specialised coaching and training company dedicated to safety-critical, technical industries. With a deep understanding of Human Factors and Human Behaviour and Performance, Susan has honed her expertise in empowering individuals and organisations to thrive amidst complex challenges and changes.

A Career in Technical Sectors

With over a decade of experience in technical sectors, Susan has played a pivotal role in teaching Human Behaviour and Performance skills at the prestigious European Astronaut Centre. Her unique insights have directly impacted astronauts from Europe and China, the European Space Agency’s Mission Control, and explorers enduring twelve-month missions in Antarctica. Notably, Susan has recently trained ESA’s newest Astronaut Corps, contributing to their Basic Training and ensuring their readiness for the extraordinary challenges of space exploration.

Academic Achievements and Professional Credentials

Susan’s academic accomplishments include a BSc in Experimental Psychology and an MSc in Human Factors and Safety in Aeronautics from Cranfield University. In addition to her academic background, she is a qualified Personal Performance Coach and an accredited DISC Personality Profiler, enhancing her abilities to support and guide individuals and teams toward peak performance.

Discover Your Potential with Susan’s Expertise

Whether it’s preparing astronauts for space exploration or enabling leaders to excel in safety-critical industries, Susan is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations unlock their full potential. With her knowledge, passion, and commitment to human performance, Susan continues to make a lasting impact on those she works with, guiding them toward unprecedented achievements.

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